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The waiting time of the viewers of Hum TV is over because Hum TV has telecasted its wonderful drama serial Khel which the viewers were waiting for. Viewers want to know more about Khel drama so here we have provided complete details of the Khel drama cast, story, timing, and real name of the cast & pics.

We have provided the information on the drama serial Khel here, in addition to other Pakistani dramas including the best dramas like Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, Tumhare Husn Ke Naam & Meher Mah, complete information has been provided on this website. If you also like Pakistani dramas then you should check our website regularly as we share complete details of all new Pakistani dramas here.

Khel Drama Cast

After a long time of good news for the fans of Alizeh Shah, they will be able to see their favorite actor again on the television screen. Alizeh Shah is playing the lead role in this drama and young actors from the Pakistan drama industry including Shahroz Sabzwari, Yashma Gul, Feroze Qadir, and Ahmed Randhawa are also included in this drama. The cast list of the drama is given below and we have also provided the real names and pictures of the cast at the end of the article.

Drama :Khel
Channel :Hum TV
Release Date :7 July 2023
Writer :Jahanzeb Qamar
Director :Nadeem Siddique
Producer :Momina Duraid
Production :Momina Duraid Production!

Cast List:

  • Alizeh Shah
  • Shehroz Sabzwari
  • Yashma Gill
  • Feroz Qadri
  • Ahmed Randhawa
  • Jahanzeb Qamar
  • Nadia Afghan
  • Nadeem Siddiqui
  • Shamil Khan

Khel Drama Timing

The drama serial Khel has been released on 7th July 2023 and the first episode of the drama has been telecasted on Friday night at 8 pm hopefully this drama will be telecasted every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Hum TV. The repeat telecast of the drama will be aired on Hum TV every Tuesday to Saturday at 4 pm. If you miss any episode of the drama, you can watch that episode in a repeat telecast. If the viewers want to watch this drama, we can also watch it on the mobile app of Hum TV and on the official YouTube channel.

Khel Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Khel revolves around the families of Alizeh Shah and Shamil Khan. Alizeh Shah’s brother loves Shamil Khan’s daughter and wants to marry her, for which both families agree, but Alizeh Shah’s mother and Shamil Khan already know each other, and Alizeh Shah’s mother hates Shamil Khan.

Nadia Afghan agrees to make Shamil Khan’s daughter her daughter-in-law for her son’s happiness. In the drama, Ailzeh Shah loves Shahroz Sabzwari and wants to marry her, but Shahroz Sabzwari keeps avoiding her because he befriends many girls and dreams of marrying all of them.

Alizeh Shah’s sister-in-law’s brother is in love with Alizeh Shah and he only sees her once and falls in love with her, knowing nothing about Alizeh Shah. This is a different and suspenseful story.

Khel Drama Cast Real Name

Like every article of ours, here we have shared with you the real names and pictures of the cast of the drama because, among our website visitors, there are many visitors who are not familiar with the actors of Pakistani drama industries. Therefore, we have provided complete information for them, which will make you familiar with the cast of the drama.

Alizeh Shah as Alishba

Alizeh Shah plays the role of Alishba in this drama who is the daughter of Nadia Afghan. She loves Shehroz Sabzwari in the drama and wants to marry her and for that, she talks to Shehroz Sabzwari he should introduce his family members to her mother so that their relationship can be fixed. But Shehroz Sabzwari keeps avoiding her because he is passing the time with Alizeh Shah.

Before that, she acted in the drama serial Taqdeer in 2022 and now after 1 year, she is playing the lead role in a drama. Alizeh Shah started her career in 2016 but he got the most fame from the drama serial Ehd e Wafa which was telecast in 2019. Alizeh Shah’s other famous dramas include Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Bebasi, Tanaa Banaa & Chaand Raat Aur Chandni in which he played the lead role.

Khel Drama

Shehroz Sabzwari As

Shahroz Sabzwari is also a part of the main cast of this drama and he is playing the role of Ali in the drama. He is a negative role who befriends many girls and spends time with them. Alizeh Shah falls in love with her but he is only passing time with her and he keeps avoiding her relationship. She looks so cute and most beautiful actress in the Khel drama cast.

Shahroz Sabzwari is one of the most successful and famous young actors in Pakistan. He is the son of Pakistan’s famous and senior actor Behrooz Sabzwari. He was born in Abu Dhabi in 1985 and his birthday is on 25th August every year. Shahroz Sabzwari started his career in 2004 with the drama serial Ana which was telecast on Geo TV. His famous and successful plays include Hook, Teri Rah Mein, Dil Ruba, Nand & Yeh Ishq Samajh Na Aaye.

Khel Drama Cast

Yashma Gill As

Yashma Gill is playing the lead role in the drama serial Khel and she loves Feroz Qadir in the drama and wants to marry him but Feroz Qadir does not love her and he loves Alizeh Shah due to which Yashma Gull is very upset.

She is an excellent actress and model who has played the lead role in many dramas before and is still playing the lead role in the super hit drama serial Tere Ishq Ke Naam telecast on ARY Digital. She was born in 1992 in Khanewal, a small town in Punjab province and her birthday is on the 19th of October her famous plays include Bebaak, Phaans, Pyar Ke Sadqay, Alif & Azmaish.

Khel Drama Timing

Feroz Qadri As Faris

Feroze Qadir is also a part of the main cast of this drama and he is playing the role of Shamil Khan’s son in the drama. He is an excellent actor and is playing an important role in this drama. In the play, he sees Alizeh Shah at a place and falls in love with her at first sight, but he does not know Alizeh and does not meet her after that.

He tries to find her but he cannot find her. Later she is the sister of her sister’s husband. Feroze Qadir started her career with the drama serial Chand Ki Pariyan in 2019 and his other popular dramas include Wafa Kar Chalay & Bhool Jaa Ay Dil.

Khel Drama Story

Ahmed Randhawa As Zaman

Ahmed Randhawa is also part of the cast of this drama and he is playing the role of Nadia Afghan’s son and Alizeh Shah’s brother. He falls in love with the daughter of Shamil Khan involved in the drama and his marriage is fixed with the same girl. Ahmed Randhawa started his career in showbiz with modeling and after that, he started acting in dramas. Apart from this drama, he has also played the lead role in the drama serial Bichoo & Agar. He is also playing an important role in the Khel drama cast.

Khel Drama Cast Real Name

Shamil Khan As Zubair

Shamil Khan is playing the role of Zubair in this drama who has a daughter and a son. When a family comes to see his daughter’s relationship, he sees the woman from the family who rejected his marriage proposal many years ago. Shamil Khan is a senior and best actor who was born in Islamabad in 1978 and his birthday is on 17th March every year. His famous dramas include Log Kia Kahengay, Tajdeed e Wafa, Sang-e-Mah & Seep.

Khel Drama cast name

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