Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan – Romantic Serial

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is a beloved show featuring Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan, and its fifth season trailer depicts their struggle against society for their relationship to succeed. Manik and Nandini struggle against all odds to pursue their love story successfully.

Manik attempts to reform his band, while Aaliya contends with an eating disorder and Mukti deals with Harshad’s unpredictable behaviour. Meanwhile, Cabir explores his sexuality while Aryaman realizes his affections for Nandini.

Manik Malhotra

Parth Samthaan is best-known for playing Manik Malhotra on MTV India’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan from 2014-2015 and its subsequent revival on Voot in 2016/2017. Additionally, he has appeared in Channel V’s Savdhaan India; MTV India’s Webbed; and Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya as Manik.

Nandini Murthy, an upper middle class girl who believes in family decorum and ethics. When she meets Manik, they fall for each other but, due to Nandini’s overbearing nature she retaliates against him and eventually this leads to their breakup.

Nandini has since moved to Mangalore and now works as a classical music teacher there, while Manik has taken to living alone in his van and opening SPACE music training academy in Goa. Season four will see them navigate the complexity of their fractured relationship while Kishwer Merchant, Ayaz Khan and Mehul Nissar reprise their roles; Voot will premiere its season premiere date of December 2.

Nandini Murthy

MTV India’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan cemented Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor Bawa as one of the most desirable on-screen couples on Indian television, with unique storylines that accurately represented teenage life depicted within this show. It made MTV India stand out amongst other youth shows.

Manik Malhotra struggled to revive his band; Aaliya struggled with an eating disorder; Navya found her baby; or Mukti dealt with Harshad’s obsession; each character on the show had their own story that kept viewers intrigued.

Now, Manik and Nandini is returning with its fifth season, but this time as a Voot web-series. This fifth season will continue the modern-day fairytale love story between these characters – complete with romance, holidays and music – all over again. Furthermore, Kishwer Merchant, Ayaz Khan and Mehul Nissar will return as familiar faces – starting airing December 2.

Navya Narayan

Navya Narayangowda, born November 9, 1983 is an Indian actress and model who currently focuses on Kannada television industry. She made her television debut with Gowripurada Gayyaligalu series and currently boasts more than 62,000 followers on Instagram as well as being an experienced dancer.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan was once an immensely popular youth show that showcased the significance of friendship and romance for young adults. Starring famous young actors such as Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor, Utkarsh Gupta, Charlie Chauhan, Ayaz Ahmed, and Krissann Barretto it aired on MTV India and quickly became a beloved hit show.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan has become increasingly monotonous this season. Each character seems to be involved with their own cheesy love story: Manik and Nandini share one, Aaliya and Dhruv are dealing with jealousy issues between themselves, Cabir is struggling with reactions to his sexuality, while Aryaman desires Nandini as his bride-to-be – it’s a shame this show no longer lives up to its former reputation.

Fab 5

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan was an immensely popular youth show which first premiered on a youth channel in 2014 and quickly rose to become an unprecedented phenomenon with its blend of romance, emotions, laughter and fights. Starring Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor Bawa, Kishwer Merchant Ayaz Khan Krissann Barretto Utkarsh Gupta & Mehul Nissar as lead characters the show quickly won fans’ hearts worldwide.

Nandini stands up against Fab 5 – an elite group of rich spoiled kids – on their first day at college, saving a boy who attempted suicide because of their bullying; thus making Nandini their target.

Fab 5 are composed of Mukti, Dhruv, Alya and Cabir; four teenaged members who play rock music. Their friendship and mutual admiration between each other is unbreakable & inseparable; like family.

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