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Qalandar Drama Cast Real Name & Pics – Geo TV 2023

Qalandar is the best drama on Geo TV which was released on 14 October 2022 and is still telecasted on Geo TV. This is an excellent drama that is being watched and liked by a huge number of viewers. Viewers want to know about the cast of the drama, so we have shared the Qalandar drama cast reel name and pictures here. Apart from this, biographies of the cast are also provided here.

Apart from Qalandar, the best dramas like Tere Bin, Grift, Rang Mahal & Aap Kay Ajanay Say are being telecasted on Geo TV at the moment, which are being liked by the viewers a lot. We have also shared the details of these plays on our website. If you want, you can see this information on our website. Apart from this, the details of all the telecasted dramas in Pakistan are available on our website.

Qalandar Drama Cast Real Name

The cast of the Qalandar drama is very wonderful, the main cast of which is the beautiful young Pakistani actress, Komal Meer, with Muneeb Butt playing the lead role. Ali Abbas is also playing the lead role in the drama. Other casts, famous actors of Pakistan including Kinza Razzak, Hiba Aziz, Asma Abbas, Noor ul Hassan, and Usman Chaudhry are part of the cast of this drama.

Drama :Qalandar
Channel :Geo TV
Release Date :14 October 2022
Writer :Samra Bukhari
Director :Saima Waseem
Producer :Asad Qureshi & Abdullah Kadwani
Production :7th Sky Entertainment

Full Cast List :

  • Muneeb Butt
  • Komal Meer
  • Kinza Razzak
  • Ali Abbas
  • Noor ul Hassan
  • Hiba Aziz
  • Asma Abbas
  • Naima Khan
  • Usman Chaudhry
  • Sadoon Ali
  • Kinza Malik
  • Ali Tahir
  • Fajar Khan
  • Kashif Mehmood
  • Hamna Amir

Muneeb Butt As Tabrez

Muneeb Butt is also part of the main cast of the drama and his name is Tabrez. He moves from his village to the city where he works. Tabrez is a greedy guy and wants to marry a girl who is very rich so that he can build his career and live a luxurious life. But his parents marry him to a village girl of their own accord, which he is not happy with, and his attitude towards this girl is very bad.

Before this, he played the lead role in the drama serial Sar e Rah. Muneeb Butt was born on 11 April 1992 in Karachi.

Qalandar Drama Cast Real Name

Komal Meer As Durr-e-Adan

Komal Meer has been included in the main cast of the drama and is playing the role of Durr-e-Adan in this drama. She is a simple and very religious girl from a village who worships all the time. The people of the village like her very much. She gets married to a boy who doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t want to marry her, but he marries her when forced by his family. She plays an important role in the Qalandar drama cast.

Komal Meer started her career in showbiz in 2019 and played the role of Shiza Javed in Hum TV’s drama serial Log Kia Kahengay. This drama was released in 2019. Apart from this, she has also worked in the drama Wehshi, Badshah Begum, Qurbatain, Benaam & Wafa Be Mol.

Qalandar Drama Cast Pics

Ali Abbas As Irfan

Ali Abbas is also a part of the main cast of the drama and his name is Irfan in the drama. He supports and likes Komal Meer a lot in the drama. Irfan is the character of a good boy who cares for everyone and treats everyone well. He has done excellent acting in this drama which has been liked a lot. If it is said that he has performed the best in the Qalandar drama cast then it will not be wrong to say۔

Qalandar Drama Cast Geo TV

Kinza Razzak As Shafaq

Kinza Razzak is also part of the cast of the drama and is playing the role of Shafaq. She is an excellent actress and model who was born on 27 November 1992. Kinza Razzak started her career in 2017 with the Geo TV drama serial Shayad in which she played the role of Taniya. Her acting was very much liked by the audience. Kinza Razzak’s other dramas include Fraud, Bewaja, Log Kya Kahenge & Dilara.

Qalandar Drama Cast name

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