Introducing Classy Online Casino Products at  New88

New88 is one of the leading bookmakers in the online casino industry. One address offers so much casino casino from famous providers in the world, this is considered the address online casino best today, with an extremely easy betting process, along with very attractive rewards.

Online Casino halls are present at  New88

Bookmaker  New88 owns many very professional online casinos, you can feel the authenticity from casino games, it is completely similar to real-life casinos.

The liveliness of the game, along with the casino’s scientifically designed interface, has left a lot of impression on players. Casino games are played with high transparency and complete honesty, so you can rest assured about the house’s reputation.

Along with that, the house owns many popular casino games such as Sic Bo,Baccarat, Roulette,… and all have extremely high reward rates.

Besides, the house also cooperates with online casino game providers to bring you more casino games, help you have more interesting experiences and give you more choices. Choose with higher odds of winning. And that contributes to helping  New88 become one of the most popular casino gambling addresses.

Casino betting halls are carefully invested in from sound and image to a team of beautiful and professional Dealers. Coming here, you will be immersed in the modern and extremely vibrant world of online Casino.

Each betting hall is processed directly through a high-tech processing system, helping you feel like you are betting in an actual casino hall.

What to play at online casino?

To bring the newest and strangest experiences to its members, and create diversity for its casino halls, bookmaker  New88 has cooperated with many famous providers in the world such as : AE Casino, Dream Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Asian Gaming, Pragmatic Play, WM Casino,… Here are some casino products with the largest number of players, please take a look.

Baccarat game

Baccarat is one of the indispensable games in any casino, whether online or offline. It is an extremely simple betting game using western cards, a card comparison battle between the player and the dealer. If the player has a greater total of 3 cards, he will win. When playing Baccarat here, you will be able to interact with the house’s beautiful dealers through bets at each table.

Roulette game

Roulette is also a very popular game at online casinos, with many bettors participating in playing here. The rules are extremely simple, along with a large winning rate, which has created excitement for many people at the Roulette table.

In addition to placing bets, you can also interact with extremely beautiful and attractive Dealer girls.
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BlackJack game

Another indispensable game in casinos, Backjack is not only an interesting game but also an attraction in each game.

With a very easy way to play, quite similar to playing 21 points and regular blackjack. Helps you easily participate in playing and win a huge amount of money from this game.

Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger It is also a game not to be missed if you step into real-life casinos. The game uses a deck of 52 cards and has 6-8 decks of cards. With 2 betting boxes Dragon and Tiger, the Dealer will deal 2 cards to both sides and you will place bets on the Dragon, Tiger or Draw boxes.

After dealing the cards, the dealer will open the cards, winning or losing will be decided by which side’s cards are higher.

In addition,  New88 online casino also has many different attractive card games to help you have more choices, such as: Xoc Dia, Poker, Sicbo, Soccer Studio, Online Monopoly, Side bet city,… and many different attractive card games, please join and play at  New88 casino to know more exciting games.

Live Casino promotions are full for new members

When you participate in playing  New88’s casino products, you will receive many extremely attractive incentives and promotions here. Let’s take a look together.

  •  New88 offers a 100% guaranteed win with 9 Baccarat points up to 2,000,000 VND.
  • New member welcome bonus of 250% for the first 3 deposits up to 8,400,000 VND.
  • Actively participating every day will receive a special bonus of up to 1,200,000 VND.
  • Chance to win a Mercedes A250 with the first deposit of 500,000 VND.
  • Special bonus day, lucky day, the house will give a special reward up to 3,800,000 VND.

In addition, there are many other attractive promotions, please participate in playing games directly in the casino lobby of bookmaker  New88 to be able to receive many preferential and attractive rewards from the house.

Instructions for participating in playing online casino products at New88

To participate in the game, you first need to create an account to become a member of the house. And follow these 3 steps to be able to participate in casino play at  New88.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account on the house’s homepage at website
  • Step 2: Here, select “Casino”, then choose any casino hall displayed here.
  • Step 3: The system will redirect you to the corresponding selected casino lobby. In each betting hall, there will be many different tables operated by beautiful Dealer girls.
  • Step 4: You choose your favorite table, place bets and wait for the results.


Each betting table at the Casino halls will have different regulated betting levels. You should consider choosing the betting table that best suits your financial ability.

Depending on the game provider, the betting table in the casino at each betting hall,  New88 will have different game rules. Before starting to play, you should take the time to learn about the rules of the game to avoid unwanted risks during betting.

If you have any problems or questions that you need answered during the betting process, please contact the customer care team immediately for assistance in resolving them.


Above is information about online casino products, hopefully the above information will be useful to you. This is the most sought-after address for playing online casino today. What are you waiting for? Come play  New88 casino products.

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