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Meesni Drama Cast Real Name & Pictures – Hum TV 2023

Meesni is the best drama on Hum TV which was released in January 2023. Hope you will like this information. If you like this information, then share this post with your friends. Meesni drama cast details here.

Hum TV is the best entertainment channel on which the best dramas like Pyari Mona, Kacha Dhaga, Mere Ban Jao & Yunhi are being telecasted and the viewers are loving these dramas a lot. We have shared the information on all telecasted dramas in Pakistan on our website. You can also check the details of other dramas by visiting the home page of our website.

Meesni Drama Cast Real Name

The main cast of the drama serial Meesni includes Bilal Qureshi, Faiq Khan, Shermeen Kashif, and Maham Shahid. It is an excellent cast that includes young actors from Pakistan. We hope you will like the acting of this cast. Express your opinion about the cast in the comment section.

Drama : Meesni
Channel : Hum TV
Release Date : January 2023
Writer : Muhammad Asif Ali
Director : Meer Sikandar Ali
Producer : Momina Duraid
Production : MD Productions

Full Cast List

  • Maham Shahid
  • Faiq Khan
  • Sharmeen Kashif
  • Bilal Qureshi
  • Ahmed Taha Ghani
  • Najiba Faiz
  • Sarah Aijaz Khan
  • Ali Raza
  • Leyla Zuberi
  • Tahira Imam
  • Haseeb Khan
  • Arsalan Butt
  • Faiza Gillani
  • Sikandar Nawaz
  • Iqra Shahnaz
  • Kashaf Noor

Maham Shahid As Hania

Maham Shahid is playing the lead role in the drama serial Meesni. This is the character of a greedy girl who befriends many boys only for money and gifts. She sees a boy who is very rich and has a lot of wealth, she marries him only because of the wealth and leaves all the other boys but later regrets it.

Maham Shahid is an excellent actress who has played lead roles in many dramas. She was born on 13 February 1996. She started his career in 2016 with the super hit drama serial ‘Sang Mar Mar’ which brought her a lot of fame. Popular dramas of Maham include Pyar Ke Sadqay, Aadat & Dil Banjaara.

Meesni Drama Cast Real Name


Bilal Qureshi As Waleed

Bilal Qureshi is one of the young and talented actors in Pakistan. He is playing the role of a rich businessman boy in this drama who gets married to a girl who is very greedy and only marries him because of his wealth.

Bilal Qureshi was born on 27 July 1995 in Karachi. His first drama was ‘Thakan’ in which he acted as a supporting actor. Before this, he also played the lead role in the drama serial ‘Dil Bhatke’. Viewers love his acting. We hope you will also like his acting.

Meesni Drama Cast Pictures

Faiq Khan As Saleem

Faiq Khan is also part of the main cast of the drama serial Meesni. In this drama, he is playing the role of a stray boy who loves a girl and wants to marry her, but the girl is very greedy and she only wants money from him. She befriends him to take it. When that girl leaves him, he feels very sad.

Faiq Khan is one of the senior actors in Pakistan. He was born on 14 July 1981 in Karachi. He started his career in 2009 with the drama serial Saiqa. He has also been modeling for a long time and is considered one of the best models in Pakistan.

Meesni Drama Cast Hum


Arslan Asad As Zaid

Arslan Asad is also a part of the Meesni drama cast. He is a young actor. Arslan Asad was born on October 30, 1992. He started his career in showbiz with Hum TV’s super hit drama serial ‘Dhol Bajnay Laga’ in 2014. His other famous dramas include Ishq E Laa, Sila-e-Mohabbat, Chupke Chupke, Haqeeqat & Sara Sajeeda. Viewers love his acting.

Meesni Drama Cast name


Sarah Ejaz As Fatima

Sarah Ejaz is playing the role of Fatima in this drama. She is a beautiful actress and model who has also played an important role in the drama serial Inteha-e-Ishq. Her fan following is huge and people love her performances a lot. She started her career with the drama serial ‘Hoor Pri’ released in 2018 which was loved by the audience.

Meesni Drama Cast pics


Ahmed Taha As Daniyal

Ahmed Taha is also part of the cast of this drama. Earlier, viewers have seen him playing the lead role in Pakistan’s super hit drama serial ‘Prizaad’. He is playing the role of Daniyal in this drama. He is a handsome and talented actor. Ahmed Taha’s famous dramas Ishq e Laa, Qurbatain, Jo Tou Chahay & Jaan Hatheli Par are very popular.

Meesni Drama Cast

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