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Tere Bin is a Geo TV drama that was released on 28 December 2022. Many viewers want to know about the Tere Bin drama cast real name, so here we have provided complete information about the Tere Bin drama cast which includes real names and photos of the drama cast.

The main cast of the drama serial Tere Bin has included the best actress in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, Yumna Zaidi, who has previously played the lead role in Hum TV’s super hit drama serial ‘Bakhtawar’.

Tere Bin Drama Cast Real Name

The main cast of the drama serial Tere Bin also includes Wahaj Ali who is currently playing the lead role in the drama serial ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’. In addition to Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, Bushra Ansari, Sabeen Farooq, Farhan Ally Agha, and Sohail Sameer are included. The full cast list and details are provided below.

Drama :Tere Bin
Channel :Geo TV
Release Date :28 December 2022
Writer :Nooran Makhdoom
Director :Siraj ul Haq
Producer :Asad Qureshi & Abdullah Kadwani
Production :7th Sky Entertainment

Yumna Zaidi As Meerab

Yumna Zaidi is playing the lead role of Meerab in this drama. She is initially Farhan Ally Agha’s daughter, but later she finds out that Farhan Ally is not her father, she’s Sohail Samir’s daughter. She does not like her father. Due to family pressure, Meerab gets married to Wahaj Ali but remains separated from him. Wahaj Ali falls in love with her and takes care of her a lot and tries to make Meerab fall in love with him too.

Yamuna Zaidi is a beautiful actress and model. She was born on 30 July 1989. Yamuna started her career in the drama industry in 2012 with ARY Digital’s drama ‘Thakan’.

Tere Bin Drama name

Wahaj Ali As Murtasim

Wahaj Ali is playing the lead role of Murtasim in the drama serial which is the role of a big landlord. He doesn’t like his uncle’s daughter but later he comes to know that she is his great-uncle’s daughter. His mother forces him to marry Meerab.

He was born on 1 December 1988. Wahaj Ali’s drama serial ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’ is being telecasted on ARY Digital in which he is playing the lead role with Yumna Zaidi.

Tere Bin Drama Geo TV

Sabeena Farooq As Haya

Sabeen Farooq is an excellent and beautiful actress who has played lead roles in many super-hit dramas before. In this drama, she is playing the lead role of Haya who is the cousin of Wahaj Ali. She loves Wahaj Ali in the drama but Wahaj does not love her. She is not happy with Wahaj’s marriage. Sabeen Farooq was born on February 11, 1993. Her first drama was ‘Moray Saiyaan’ which was telecasted in 2016.

Tere Bin Drama Real Name

Hira Soomro As Maryam

Hira is also part of the main cast of this drama, she is playing the role of Maryam, the sister of Wahaj Ali and the daughter of Bushra Ansari. Hira Soomro was born on 5 May 1993. She started working with the drama serial ‘Maa Sadqey’ which aired on Hum TV in 2018. Her other famous dramas include Agar, Bichoo, Chupke Chupke & Khuda Aur Muhabbat (Season 3). She looks gorgeous in the Tere Bin drama cast.

Tere Bin Drama cast Real Name

Sohail Sameer As Anwar

Sohail Sameer is playing the role of Anwar in Tere Bin drama, who is Wahaj Ali’s uncle and Yumna Zaidi’s father. When his first child Meerab is born, his wife dies, on which he thinks that his wife died because of his daughter, and he refuses to adopt his daughter. But later he tries to adopt his daughter and the daughter starts hating him.

Sohail Samir is one of the senior and best actors in Pakistan. He was born on February 19, 1980, in Lahore. Sohail started his career as a child actor on PTV.

Tere Bin Drama cast Name

Farha Ally Agha As Waqas Ahmed

Farhan Agha is playing the role of Meerab’s stepfather, who raised Meerab from childhood to adulthood, but later tells her that she is not his daughter. Which makes Merib very sad. He is an excellent actor who is playing lead roles in many super-hit dramas. Farhan Agha was born on 12 May 1966. He started his modeling career in 1990. His first drama Jiiya Jaye was telecast on PTV in 1995. Now he is playing an important role in the Tere Bin drama cast.

Tere Bin Drama cast

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