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Grift is a Geo TV drama that started on 1st January 2023. Geo TV started the year 2023 with a new drama featuring the best stars of the Pakistan showbiz industry. In this article, we have provided complete information about the Grift drama cast. We hope you will like this information. Even before this, Geo TV had aired many super hit dramas in 2022 which were loved by the audience.

Momina Iqbal and Ali Abbas have been included in the main cast of the drama serial Grift Drama. The complete cast list and details are provided below, including the actual names and photos of the cast.

Grift Drama Cast Real Name

The main cast of the Grift drama includes Momina Iqbal, Ali Abbas, and Saniya Shamshad. The cast of this drama is very talented and popular and due to their excellent performance, this drama has become a super hit. Below we have provided the complete cast list and details of the drama. Other cast includes Hashim Butt, Naveed Raza, Saleem Mairaj, Seemi Pasha & Shaista Jabeen.

  • Director: Saleem Ghanchi
  • Writer: Erum Wasi, Saima Wasi
  • Producer: Abdullah Kadwani, Asad Qureshi
  • Production: 7th Sky Entertainment

Momina Iqbal As Roohi

In this drama, her name is Rohi and her mother works in Ali Abbas’ house. Rohi belongs to a poor family but she wants to be rich, she wishes to have lots of wealth and cars and live a luxurious life. When she goes to Ali Abbas’s house with her mother, she creates misunderstandings between Ali Abbas and his wife to make the house her own and marry Ali Abbas so that they get separated. She is in the lead Grift drama cast.

Momina Iqbal is an excellent actress. Her first drama was ‘Parlour Wali Larki’ which was telecast in 2018. Momina Iqbal has also played the lead role in Geo TV’s super hit drama serial ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3’.

Role Name : Momina Iqbal 
Real Name : Rohi
Date Of Birth :23 November 1992
Age : 30 years 
Debut Drama : Parlour Wali Larki
Famous Drama :Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3
Home Town : Lahore, Punjab 
Grift Drama Cast name

Ali Abbas As Murad

Ali Abbas is playing the role of Murad who happens to be Saniya Shamshad’s husband in this drama. He plays the role of a rich businessman whose housemaid’s daughter creates misunderstandings between him and his wife so that they get separated and she can marry him and lead a luxurious life.

He is the son of Pakistan’s famous drama and film actor Waseem Abbas. His first drama was ‘Shehr-e-Yaran’ which was telecast on ARY Digital in 2013.

Role Name : Ali Abbas
Real Name : Murad
Date Of Birth :09 February 1984
Age : 39 years 
Debut Drama : Shehr-e-Yaran
Famous Drama :Guddu
Home Town : Karachi, Sindh
Grift Drama Cast Real Name

Saniya Shamshad As Anisha

Saniya Shamshad is playing the lead role of Anisha who is the wife of Ali Abbas in this drama. She is a simple girl who is happily living her life with her husband but a girl Rohi creates many misunderstandings between her and her husband due to which they drift away from each other.

Saniya Shamshad was born on October 5, 1988. She started her career as a model in showbiz in 2011. In 2012, he acted in ARY Digital’s drama serial Mera Saaein Season 2. After which he played the lead role in numerous super hit dramas. Saniya got married in 2019 and has a lovely son.

Role Name : Saniya Shamshad
Real Name : Anisha
Date Of Birth :05 October 1988
Age : 34 years 
Debut Drama : Mera Saaein Season 2
Famous Drama :Rishtay Biktay Hain
Home Town : Pakistan
Grift Drama Cast Pictures

Naveed Raza As Musa

Naveed Raza is also included in the cast of Grift drama. He is an excellent actor who has worked in many dramas before. Naveed was born on July 7, 1989, in Karachi. His first drama serial was Yeh Zindagi Hai which was telecast on Geo TV in 2008.

Role Name : Naveed Raza
Real Name : Musa
Date Of Birth :07 July 1989
Age : 33 years 
Debut Drama : Yeh Zindagi Hai
Famous Drama :Tinkay Ka Sahara
Home Town : Karachi, Pakistan
Grift Drama Cast Geo TV

Saleem Mairaj As Irfan

Salim Miraj also plays an important role in this drama, before that he also played the lead role in Hum TV’s super hit drama serial ‘Raqs e Bismal’ with Imran Ashraf. Viewers love his performance. Salim Miraj was born on 23 January 1975. His age is 48 years. He plays an important role in the Grift drama cast.

Role Name : Saleem Mairaj
Real Name : Irfan
Date Of Birth :23 January 1975
Age : 48 years 
Debut Drama : Ishq Ki Inteha
Famous Drama :Raqs e Bismal
Home Town : Karachi, Pakistan
Saleem Mairaj

Arsala Siddiqui As Bushra

This is Arsala Siddiqui’s first drama. She was born on 3 July 1998 in Karachi. Arsala has not worked in any drama before this. Hope the audience will like her acting. Do comment and let us know how you liked her performance.

Role Name : Arsala Siddiqui
Real Name : Bushra
Date Of Birth :03 July 1998
Age : 24 years 
Debut Drama : Grift
Famous Drama :Grift
Home Town : Karachi, Pakistan
Arsala Siddiqui

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