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Until the 1980s, American TV series were represented mainly by sitcoms and soap operas, and the drama genre with its three-act structure was considered poorly adapted to the serial film format. That all changed with the release of Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere, which introduced the concept of long story arcs that make modern television shows not only equal but often superior to feature-length projects. In this collection we have collected the best American drama series of recent years. If you like more exciting and gambling entertainment, try the casino with Woo Сasino Slots.

Gallery “Velvet” (Spain, 2013–2016)

The budget for one episode of this incredibly beautiful series cost its creators €500 thousand, and a total of 55 episodes were released. The plot is built around the Velvet gallery, where everyone has dreamed of going for haute couture clothes at least once. But this place hides one beautiful love story between the rich heir Alberto and the simple dressmaker Anna. Is this love destined to spill out and not shake public peace? Viewers note that this series will remain in people’s hearts, just like “Gone with the Wind.”

Tomorrow Never Comes (USA, 2016–2017)

This light-hearted “inspirational series since Friends” introduces charming main characters and plenty of humor. The central characters are a purchasing manager who strives with all her might for stability and tries to avoid at least any risks, and an inveterate bachelor who is convinced that the end of the world will come very soon. Together they will try to live through the days, which, according to the young man, are long overdue.

Black Love (Türkiye, 2015–2017)

“Black Love” can be called an important series for Turkey, and all because it was awarded an Emmy Award, becoming the first and so far the only Turkish series to receive this award. This story tells about an artist from a wealthy family, with whom the son of an ordinary hairdresser fell in love. Everything would go well, but the father of the guy who fell in love with the same girl is trying in every possible way to interfere with this relationship. Will the young people be able to be together, despite all the obstacles that fate constantly presents to them?

Love and Anarchy (Sweden, 2020—…)

Each episode of this Swedish romantic comedy lasts from 25 to 33 minutes, so all the action here unfolds quite quickly. The plot is built around a married woman with 2 children, who is a consultant in one company, and a young IT specialist. Once a guy caught his colleague doing something obscene and began to blackmail her, for example, demanding that she walk backwards all day. The woman succumbed to this game and became inflamed with feelings for the young man.

The Baker and the Beauty (USA, 2020)

“The Baker and the Beauty” is a touching comedy-romance series that will be pleasant to watch after a busy day at work. At the center of the story is the relationship between a baker and his beloved, a supermodel, whose stormy love knows no barriers. According to viewers, if you are a romantic, you will fall in love with this series from the very first scene. Many were upset that this serial movie was not renewed for a 2nd season.

Small things (India, 2016—…)

A simple, but very romantic and touching series with a high rating. It tells the story of a young couple who are not yet married, but hand in hand go through all the hardships of life and try to understand their aspirations in life. Despite all the conflicts that sometimes arise between them, they try to make each other’s lives much better and happier.

The Story of the Nine-Tailed Fox (South Korea, 2020—…)

Lee Young has been living in human form for several centuries, although before that he was a mountain guardian spirit. He is trying to eradicate all supernatural creatures that threaten this world. Meanwhile, the fearless producer of one TV channel, Nam Ji Ah, is going to conduct her own investigation and find out who is to blame for the mysterious car accident that her parents got into many years ago. These results will be stunning for her, just like the sudden love that comes to the girl.

You (USA, 2018—…)

The psychological thriller You was based on the books by Caroline Kepnes, and “this series has it all.” It is about how, for the sake of love, a person is capable of committing any, even the most desperate, madness. A bookstore manager becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer. He tries to get as close to her as possible, gradually learning the details of her personal life through social networks. But will his obsession develop into a bright feeling?

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