What Kind of Cases Does A Personal Injury Attorney Handle?

Personal injury lawyers are legal specialists who represent those who have been physically or emotionally harmed due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another person or entity. Their primary goal is to make sure that their client receives justice and compensation for their ordeal. 

These types of cases include a wide range of accidents and incidents, each requiring its own specialized legal approach and expertise. People who have experienced a personal injury often search online for terms like “personal injury attorneys near me” or “local personal injury lawyers”. This helps to narrow their search down to those legal representatives who are based close by.

If you are curious as to the specific kinds of cases these lawyers typically deal with, we put together a short list of the most common examples:

  1. Automobile and Pedestrian Accidents

Perhaps the most common personal injury cases are those involving vehicles. Usually, these are accidents between two or more automobiles. However, pedestrians and bicyclists being struck by cars is also common. These kinds of accidents can cause serious injuries with long-term consequences.

  1. Product Liability Cases

This type of case involves a victim who has been injured by a defective product. The liable parties can include the manufacturers, distributors, as well as the sellers of these products. They usually have to do with inadequate warning labels or instructions, defective designs, or manufacturing defects.

  1. Workplace Accidents and Incidents

Employees who suffer an injury while on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation settlements. However, in the event that a third party is responsible (such as an equipment manager or contractor), finding a personal injury attorney near me might be necessary to pursue further compensation.

  1. Medical Negligence and Malpractice 

People trust their healthcare providers to give them safe, competent treatment. When these professionals fail in that charge, whether it’s doctors, nurses, other medical care providers, or even the hospital or clinic itself, it may qualify as malpractice. 

  1. Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

Owners are responsible for the behavior and actions of their pets. And when dogs or other animals attack and injure someone, they are also held liable. As more people purchase exotic and undomesticated animals, these types of incidents are on the rise.

  1. Slip and Fall Cases

Although this one is last on our list, it is certainly not the least common. Property owners have a legal obligation to ensure safe premises for guests. If someone is hurt as a result of hazardous conditions or improper maintenance, there may be grounds for a personal injury suit.

Not All “Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me” Provide The Same Level of Expertise

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of cases these legal specialists deal with, the next step is finding one that has the experience and qualifications to get you the best possible outcome for yours. While searching online will provide a plethora of results, take the time to research the best candidates. Look into their track record, client testimonials, experience, and anything else relevant to their reputation and skills.

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