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Suhaagan, an exciting new Hindi serial from Colors TV, features two sisters named Bindiya and Payal who lead lives marked by both kindness and deception – Bindiya being kind while her more mischievous younger sibling, Payal always looking to break rules and break boundaries.

Aakriti Sharma and Kurangi Nagraj will star as Aakriti and Kurangi respectively on this show that will cover 10 years, and highlight many changes in both sisters’ lives.


Colors TV will soon launch Suhaagan, a show about two sisters Bindiya and Payal who differ significantly but remain close despite life’s difficulties. They live together on a farm owned by relatives that they want to seize and Bindiya serves as Payal’s caretaker to make sure she remains safe and taken care of.

Child actor Aakriti Sharma recently gained much fame through her performance in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. In this new show, she will portray Bindiya. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms produces it and can also be found producing popular shows like Sasural Simar Ka, Dil Diya Gallan, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, and Swaragini.

This show will air daily at 6:30 PM on Colors TV and can be streamed live on Voot as well.


Suhaagan is one of the latest Hindi general entertainment shows airing on Colors TV and features Aakriti Sharma from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala fame as Bindiya with Kurangi Nagraj starring as her sister Payal. Conceptualized by Vivek Bahl, Suhaagan premiered on 2 May 2023 and airs every day at 6:30 pm both on Colors and Voot.

The show takes place in a village and centers on Bindiya and her sister Payal, both living on modest budgets but managing well. She serves as an optimistic elder sister who takes care in raising Payal who often pranks their aunt; Bindiya refuses to be defeated by greedy extended family members who seek to take over her property.

Release Date

Suhaagan is a daily soap opera starring Aakriti Sharma and Kurangi Nagraj that airs daily at 6:30 pm on Colors TV and Voot and Jio Cinema platforms.

Bindiya and Payal live with their Bua aunt at her house, where Bindiya enjoys washing all the clothes on her own while her sister makes fun of their aunt who only punishes them. Bindiya does her best to save Payal from further punishments by accepting them without question – something Bindiya doesn’t always do willingly herself!

As with any successful show, Dharampatni has struggled with maintaining decent ratings post-launch and will likely bid farewell soon. Suhaagan has been extended for one more month to follow Bindiya as she finally stands up for herself and embarks on her upcoming journey with Krishna – so stay tuned for further updates!


Suhaagan is a beloved Hindi drama that airs on Colors TV. The show follows two sisters as they form an unbreakable bond together and inspire viewers with its heartwarming storylines.

Aakriti Sharma and Kurangi Nagraj star as Bindiya and Payal respectively in this series. Bindiya prioritizes family over ambitions, living at her aunt’s house along with Payal who enjoys playing mischief-making pranks.

Suhaagan will take a leap of 10 years, which will introduce new characters and challenges for its girls. Its storyline will focus on their journey as they face life’s obstacles together while learning to appreciate each other more and cherish their friendship. Catch Suhaagan on Voot from Monday to Friday from 6:30 PM for streaming episodes!

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