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Nikah Drama Cast Real Name And Pictures – Geo TV 2023

Nikah is the best drama on Geo TV which was released on 23 January 2023. The audience liked this drama a lot. The main reason why this drama is liked is its cast and the daily telecast of the drama. Viewers are liking this drama a lot and want to know about the cast of the drama. That’s why we have shared the Nikah drama cast real name and photos here in this article.

Apart from Nikah drama, many new and best dramas are being telecast on Geo TV in 2023, including best dramas like Heer Da Hero, Tere Aany Se, Qalandar, Tere Bin & Grift. Viewers are liking these dramas a lot. The details of all these plays are also available on our website. If you want, you can also check the cast and other information about these dramas.

Nikah Drama Cast Real Name

The cast of Nikah drama has included the big and famous actors of the Pakistan showbiz industry whose acting is very much liked by all. In the main cast of this drama, Zainab Shabbir is playing the most important role, which is liked by the audience a lot, and along with her, Haroon Shahid, Zainab Shabbir, Javeria Abbasi, Sohail Sameer & Hammad Farooqui are also included in the other cast of the drama.

Drama :Heer Da Hero
Channel :Geo TV
Release Date :14 October 2022
Writer :Amar Khan
Director :Saima Waseem
Producer :Asad Qureshi & Abdullah Kadwani
Production :7th Sky Entertainment

Full Cast List :

  • Zainab Shabbir
  • Haroon Shahid
  • Javeria Abbasi
  • Shabbir Jan
  • Sohail Sameer
  • Hammad Farooqui
  • Saima Qureshi
  • Shaheen Khan
  • Kanwal Khan
  • Naveed Raza
  • Yasir Shoro
  • Birjees Farooqui
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Memoona Quddoos
  • Pari Hashmi
  • Nazia Khan
  • Ahmed Bashir
  • Ghazala Darwaish
  • Salma Qadir
  • Faisal Bali
  • Faizan Khan
  • Ikram Abbasi
  • Akhtar Ghazali
  • Rohi Ghazali
  • Akhyar Khan
  • Kamal Khan
  • Shareef Baloch
  • Rehan Saeed
  • Attiya Khan
  • Mehmood Jaffri
  • Sohail Mirza
  • Faisal Shahzad
  • Khurram Shahzad
  • Sohail Masood
  • Afnan Shamim
  • Rehana Kaleem
  • Naseem Fatima
  • Afshan Zafar
  • Kiran Shahid
  • Fareed Ullah Abu Rohan
  • Abu Rohan
  • Muhammad Hamza Mohsin
  • Hamza Mohsin
  • Anees Alam

Zainab Shabbir As Anousha

Zainab Shabbir is playing the lead role in this drama. Her name is Anousha in the drama. Anousha is the character of a girl who is struggling a lot for her rights. She puts such conditions in her marriage at the time of Nikah, due to which the Nikah does not take place, and due to this shock, her father dies, after which she is left alone, but she still sticks to her word. She looks so cute in the Nikah drama cast.

Zainab Shabbir is a beautiful and talented actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry who has played a lead role in many super hit dramas. Her acting is very popular. She was born on 19 August 1998 in Karachi. She started her career in showbiz in 2018 with the drama serial Maa Sadqay in which she played the role of Eshmal.

Nikah Drama Cast

Haroon Shahid As Hamad

Hamad likes Anousha very much and she is his uncle’s daughter, but after the death of Anousha’s father, Hamad’s father does not like Anousha at all because he thinks that because of Anousha, his brother has died.

Nikah Drama Cast Real Name

Javeria Abbasi As Umaima

Javeria Abbasi is playing the role of Umaima in the drama Nikah. She is an excellent senior actress who has played lead roles in many dramas. Javeria Abbasi was born in 1973 and her first drama serial was Ana which was telecast on ARY Digital in 2004. Other famous dramas of Javeria Abbasi include Dil Awaiz, Aakhir Kab Tak, Tanaa Banaa, Shehnai & Raqs e Bismil. Now she plays an important role in Nikah drama cast.

Nikah Drama Cast Pictures

Shabbir Jan As Aijaz

Shabbir Jan is playing the role of Aijaz in this drama. He is an excellent senior and successful actor who has played lead roles in many dramas before. Shabbir Jan started his career in showbiz in 1990s. He started his career at PTV. Shabbir Jan also played a lead role in the famous drama serial Jangloos which was telecast in 1989. This drama was telecast on PTV and this drama was very popular. He also played the lead role of Imam Sahib in Geo TV’s super hit drama serial Aey Musht-E-Khaak of 2022.

Nikah Drama Cast name

Sohail Sameer

Sohail Sameer is also a part of the main cast of this drama and is playing an important role. Sohail Sameer is one of the best actors in Pakistan. He is also playing the lead role in the drama serial Tere Bin telecast on Geo TV.

Nikah Drama Cast pics

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