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Katha Ankahee Story Review

Katha Ankahee has mesmerized viewers with its provocative exploration of manipulation and ethical dilemmas. Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan’s on-screen chemistry is reflective of love’s complexity in relationships.

Katha’s son has an incurable illness that requires expensive treatment, so she is determined to pool all of her resources towards his healing.


Katha Ankahee is SonyLIV’s official Hindi adaptation of Binbir Gece or One Thousand and One Nights starring Adnan Khan and Aditi Dev Sharma as lead actors. The serial is also available to stream for viewing purposes.

Katha Singh, a single mother in need of money for her son’s medical treatment, turns to Viaan Raghuvanshi for help but was stunned to discover he is demanding one night with Katha as repayment.

Katha must come to accept Viaan’s conditions despite her initial resistance as her son’s life hangs in the balance. Slowly but surely, her bitterness towards Viaan begins to dissipate as she learns more about him; eventually she finds herself drawn towards him romantically. The show is superbly written with fantastic chemistry between its leads. Additionally, this drama tackles sensitive subjects while providing an intriguing take on modern relationships.


Adnan Khan plays the male lead character Viaan Raghuvanshi in Katha Ankahee and has delighted audiences with his impressive acting skills. Child actor Azinkya Mishra also excels as Katha’s son Aarav.

Aditi Sharma has left an indelible mark on audiences with her superb acting. She stands as one of the finest actresses of Indian television and her performances are nothing short of outstanding.

She is best-known for her performances in television shows like Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka and Gangaa, where she has received much acclaim with her latest performances. Katha Ankahee proves her immense potential – it is not only entertaining but also emotional! With its unique concept based on Turkish series 1001 Nights or Binbir Gece. it must-watch for viewers.


Katha Ankahee is one of the finest Hindi dramas ever produced on screen, providing viewers with an emotionally stirring story about pain, anguish and redemption. Exploring beautiful relationships while slowly but surely building viewers’ connections to characters this drama provides an enjoyable change from more typical Bollywood offerings with their heavy designer clothes and dubbed dialogue.

Based on the Turkish drama Binbir Gece, this show stars Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma as lead characters. Produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa under his Sphere Origin banner and airing on Sony TV; also available digitally on SonyLIV.

Adnan noted in an ETimes interview that Katha Ankahee stands out due to its writing, direction and cinematography – hallmarks of excellence that viewers of all kinds enjoy watching – along with how its actors have beautiful frames provided by camera team.


Katha Ankahee manages to touch on some very poignant and engaging themes in its cinematography, from heartbreaking scenes that are realist but without going into overblown drama to showing an intriguing side of criminals who may yet be redeemable if their crime truly did take place.

This show depicts relationships beautifully; it doesn’t fall into the cliched and unrealistic trap that so many Bollywood saas baat hai shows do, making it easier for viewers to relate with its depictions of complex relationships portrayed here.

It is one of the best daily soap operas on Indian TV currently, providing viewers with an engaging storyline, amazing performances and stunning visuals that is guaranteed to keep viewers riveted for hours on end. Sony TV highly recommends watching this show and is replacing Yashomati Maiyaan Ke Nandlala on December 2, 2022; audiences seem particularly fond of Aditi Dev Sharma and Adnan Khan’s dynamic on screen!

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