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Hostel Drama Cast – Timing – Story – Aan TV 2023

The hostel is a new drama telecasting on Aan TV, a new and fast-growing entertainment channel in Pakistan. This is an excellent drama that is telecasted on this channel. The viewership of Aan TV is increasing day by day and currently, the number of viewers watching Aan TV is in the millions. Aan TV viewers wanted to know about this drama, so here we have provided the Hostel drama cast, story, timing, and other information you will surely like.

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Hostel Drama Cast

Hostel is a newly launched drama that is being loved by the audience. The best actors in Pakistan’s showbiz industry have been included in the cast of the drama. The main cast includes Hina Altaf, Usama Khan, and Saba Shah who are loved by the audience. Other supporting cast includes Aiman Zaman, Shabbir Jan, Mizna Waqas, Farhan Ally Agha & Rubina Ashraf.

Drama :Hostel
Channel :Aan TV
Release Date :1st May 2023
Writer :Sajjad Haider Zaidi
Director :Iftikhar Ahmad 
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Cast List

  • Usama Khan
  • Hina Altaf
  • Hina Dilpazeer
  • Mizna Waqas
  • Saba Shah
  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Aiman Zaman
  • Shabbir Jan
  • Farhan Ally Agha

Hostel Drama Timing

Hostel is a new drama which has been released on 1st May 2023 on Aan TV. This drama is telecast on Aan TV every Monday and Tuesday night at 8 PM. Viewers can watch this drama on Aan TV’s official cable channel as well as on YouTube. The new episode of the drama is uploaded on YouTube every Monday and Tuesday at 9:15 PM. If you haven’t watched any episodes of the drama, you can watch all the old episodes on YouTube.

Hostel Drama Story

The story of Hostel Drama is very wonderful and different from other telecasted dramas in Pakistan. The story of the drama revolves around the life of Hina Altaf who studies in a college away from her home and lives in a hostel. She gets into an argument with a girl in her hostel, after which that girl becomes her enemy and harasses her a lot.

One day, due to their fight, the principal calls them to her and says that if there is a complaint from both of them in the future, then she will expel them both from the college. Usama Khan also plays the lead role in the drama, belongs to a rich family, and loves Hina Altaf. The girl with whom Hina had a fight accuses Hina due to which she has to face a lot of problems and her family comes to take her home from the hostel. Viewers are liking this story a lot, you will definitely like this story too. Let us know how you liked the story of the drama in the comment section.

Usama Khan

Usama Khan is part of the main cast of this drama serial Hostel and he is playing the role of Zohaib who belongs to a rich family. Because he belongs to a rich family, he is friends with many girls, but when he meets Hina, he likes her and wants to marry her. Usama Khan is an excellent actor who has played lead roles in many dramas before. His drama serial Tere Ishq Ke Naam is still being telecasted on ARY Digital which is very popular. Usama Khan’s famous plays are Agar, Siyani, Aik Sitam Aur, Dobara & Mere Apne.

Hostel Drama Timing

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf is playing the role of Maha in this drama. She plays the role of a simple girl who studies in a college and lives in a hostel to study away from her home. In the hostel, she has a fight with a girl who becomes her enemy and plots against her so that she can defame Hina and get her out of the hostel. Hina Altaf is an excellent actress and model who was born on January 2, 1992. Her first drama serial Meri Teri Kahani was telecast in 2013. Hina’s famous plays are Agar, Dil Zaar Zaar, Dour, Kasa e Dil & Banhay Aik Dor Say. She plays a different role in the Hostel drama cast.

Hostel Drama Story

Aiman Zaman

Aiman Zaman is an excellent actress who is playing the lead role in this drama. Her role in this drama is negative. Along with acting, she is also very active on social media and is one of the top 10 Tik Tok stars in Pakistan. She was born on January 2, 1992, and started her career with Tik Tok. Aiman Zaman’s famous dramas include Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah, Soteli Maamta, Inaam-e-Mohabbat & Tamanna. Hope you like her performance in the Hostel drama cast.

Hostel Drama Cast name

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