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If we talk about the best dramas to be telecast on Geo TV in 2022, then among these dramas there was a drama Daraar which was liked a lot by the viewers. Now many people watch this drama on YouTube and want to know more about the drama. Here we have provided complete details of the Daraar drama including real names and photos of the cast of the drama which you will definitely like.

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Daraar Drama

The drama serial Daraar was an improvisational drama which was released in August 2022 and the drama was telecasted on Wednesday and Thursday night at 8 pm on GeoTV. The drama had a total of 40 episodes and the drama ended in December 2023. The highlight of the drama serial Daraar was its story which was liked a lot and this story was different from all other dramas on Geo TV.

The story of drama revolves around the lives of two cousins in which one cousin is very polite and pious while the other cousin is stubborn and different. The first cousin works in a company and supports herself and her uncle, while the second cousin, who is her uncle’s daughter, spends most of her time talking on the phone and making friends with boys.

Daraar Drama Cast

Momal Sheikh, Amar Khan & Syed Jibran are playing lead roles in the drama serial Daraar. Other cast includes Shaheen Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, Sabiha Hashmi, Seemi Pasha & Hamza Tariq. We have provided the full cast details and pictures below which you will surely love. You must let us know this information in the comment section.

Drama :Daraar
Channel :Geo TV
Release Date :August 2022
Writer :Misbah Nosheen
Director :Shehrazade Sheikh
Production :Abdulah Kadwani
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Cast List

  • Momal Sheikh As Sajal
  • Amar Khan As Irsa
  • Syed Jibran As Shaheer Ahmed
  • Shaheen Khan As Naushaba
  • Behroze Sabzwari As Hamid
  • Sabiha Hashmi As Jahan Ara
  • Seemi Pasha As Shahrukh’s Mother
  • Hamza Tariq As Shahrukh
  • Akbar Islam As Sajjad
  • Hira Sheikh As Uzma
  • Zahra Abidi As Rehma

Momal Sheikh As Sajal

Momal Sheikh played the role of Sajal in this drama who is a girl from a middle-class family. Sajal’s life has no purpose, she makes friends with different boys and takes gifts from them. She also has a cousin who lives in her house but she does not like her cousin.

In a shopping mall, Sajal meets a boy, Shaheer Ahmed, who is a very rich businessman. She wants to marry him because he is very rich and Sajal wants to live a luxurious life. But the boy sends a marriage purpose for her cousin, which causes her to see him a lot and she conspires with her mother to get the boy married to her.

Daraar Drama Cast

Amar Khan As Irsa

Amar Khan also worked in the main cast of this drama. She was playing the role of Irsa in this drama whose parents died in her childhood and now she lives with her uncle. She works in a company and bears her own expenses. Her uncle loves her a lot and takes care of her a lot. Isra is a good and religious girl.

The boss of her company takes a liking to her and wants to marry her, for which he sends his grandmother to Irsaa’s house for a relationship, to which Irsa’s uncle is very happy and agrees to the relationship. But Irsa’s cousin Sajal is very sad because she wants to marry him herself. Due to this Sajal and her mother hatch a conspiracy and discredit Irsa with a boy, which breaks Irsa’s relationship with her Boss and Irsa’s uncle also starts hating her.

Daraar Drama Pictures

Syed Jibran As Shaheer Ahmed

Syed Gibran is playing the role of Shaheer Ahmed in the Daraar drama he is a rich businessman who wants to marry an employee of his company and his relationship is also fixed with this employee but later he breaks the relationship. And he marries Sajal, the sister of that employee. It was Sajal who ended her first relationship with a conspiracy so that she could marry Shaheer herself. After the marriage, it is found that Shaheer is not a good person and he has affairs with many girls, after which Sajal’s life becomes very difficult.

Daraar Drama cast name

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