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What is BMX?

BMX racing has quickly gained in popularity as an Olympic event and form of recreational cycling for many athletes. While exciting, its specific rules can sometimes be misunderstood by those outside the cycling community; therefore, this article seeks to clear up some confusion by breaking it into two modalities and then submodalities.

BMX (bicycle motorcross) first gained widespread interest during the early 1970s when young cyclists modified Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes into off-road racing machines suitable for off-road racing and stunt riding, creating bikes with beefed up frames and tires to handle jumps or rough terrain better. As its popularity grew further, more race tracks were constructed while rules and regulations for this particular form of cycling emerged.

In the 1980s, BMX underwent another dramatic evolution when freestyle riding emerged as its centerpiece. Riders took their bikes out onto concrete skate parks and reservoir channels in California and started performing tricks over ramps; this ignited an entirely new generation of riders and enthusiasts who now viewed BMX bikes differently than before. Manufacturers saw immense potential in freestyle BMX racing; as soon as Bob Osborn established a magazine dedicated exclusively to it in 1984 – all was in motion!

Today, BMX racing is a globally popular spectator event with millions of participants worldwide. BMX bikes have also evolved to meet even the needs of highly skilled riders; at Olympic Games such as Beijing and London respectively. Maris Strombergs from Latvia won men’s gold for Beijing; Mariana Pajon of Colombia took gold for London.

There are various styles of BMX riding available, and riders can find their niche within each. Street BMX requires creativity; riders use railings, steps, ledges and other obstacles as platforms to perform spectacular stunts in the air. Park BMX provides similar experiences but allows riders more advanced obstacles and tricks to perform spectacular stunts in the air.

BMX can be an exciting and safe activity for beginners, provided they always wear protective gear including helmets. When starting out it is also wise to practice gradually without overextending yourself in terms of skill or ability. Stoked Ride Shop may earn commissions through purchases made via links on this website – please refer to our disclaimer for more details. Whether you want a bike to ride for fun or learning more about it – Stoked Ride Shop can assist! Check out our selection of BMX bikes and accessories available now.

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