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Hogwarts Legacy Best Tips and Tricks

Here, you have some of the best guidelines that help you become a better wizard. Speaking of which, inside the U7BUY website, you can Learn more about unique bonuses and information for Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll also catch the latest updates for popular video games.

Improve Alohomora Spell (Unlocking Skill)

Being an Open World video game, you have multiple elements around the area. Many hidden places have unique ways to block you from getting further. As a result, you’ll need to revisit these “uncompleted” zones after you become stronger.

The spell Alohomora will help you unlock any lock that blocks your path. But there’s a catch with this in-game gimmick; the “incantation” comes with three levels. Therefore, with Alohomora level one, you can only unlock easy locks.

To improve your lockpicking skills, you need Demiguise Statues to raise Alohamore. We recommend focusing on getting enough statues to enhance the spell into level 2 and have that tool to open more locks.

Learn to Read the World Map

After playing for around two hours in the main quest, you’ll see more ways to explore your surroundings. First, you need the map to localize the quest objectives. Moving through the area, you’ll see more parts of the Hogwarts’ surroundings.

The interface divides the whole map into different zones. Each place will have activities, famous locations, and hidden objects. When you move the cursor to highlight a zone, you’ll see what you’re missing in that part of the virtual world.

Unlock the Unforgivable Curses

This part of the Tips and Tricks for Hogwarts Legacy is optional according to your way of playing this video game. Some of the Unforgivable Curses (like Avada Kedavra) have a profound lore behind them, and you need to complete a “dark” questline to unlock them.

However, the Dark Arts can make things a lot easier if you underline the moral behind it. With different spell bonuses, you can improve the effects of Avada Kedavra and instantly kill multiple targets at once. Indeed, you can start as a top student with many bonuses when you buy Hogwarts Legacy account. Get the highest grades and become a powerful wizard.

Manage Your Inventory

As you explore the Harry Potter universe, you’ll find multiple loots along the way. To avoid reaching that “inventory full” state, you should sell different equipment when able. Identify the Legendary items and see if they are worth keeping. When they have lower stats, sell them.

Anything lower than a “legendary rarity” has to leave your belongings ASAP. Additionally, you can increase the inventory limit by acquiring Merlin Trails.

Use the Potions

Sometimes, we miss to use all the items in the inventory when we start a fight. Many potions have overpowering effects, which could make things less tedious. Activate the potion menu and test their potency.

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