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Rang Rasiya Full Drama Review

Rang Rasiya is an impressive cinematic achievement from director Ketan Mehta. The portrait of painter Raja Ravi Varma by director Ketan Mehta deserves special note, skillfully weaving biopic, period film, love story and social critique into one compact narrative framework.

At first, this film might seem like an old-fashioned costume drama; but with each passing scene, its quality increases until reaching its pinnacle post interval.

The Story

Ketan Mehta has created an inspiring film on painter Raja Ravi Varma’s life titled Rang Rasiya that serves as both biopic and period film; also love story and social critique all at the same time.

This story tells of a man who saw beauty everywhere he looked – even among gods and goddesses! Centuries ago, he pioneered modern Indian art by adopting European painting styles to give Hindu gods and goddesses faces and make them alive through art. However, his artwork caused great controversy among religious leaders who claimed he violated their rules by inflicting obscenity on them.

Randeep Hooda brings his all to his performance as Raja Ravi Varma, and Nandana Sen as his muse, making this movie worth seeing for art lovers and those questioning freedom of expression.

The Cast

Randeep Hooda gives an astounding performance as Raja Ravi Varma; it is hard to believe this is his debut film as he appears so mature and convincing. Nandana Sen is equally outstanding as Sugandha; she bravely embraces topless scenes which is liberating in a Hindi movie.

Ketan Mehta deserves applause for successfully weaving together period drama, love story and social critique into Rang Rasiya in such an effortless manner. Rail Raltchev and Cristo Bakalov’s cinematography is stunning; while Sandesh Shandilya’s musical score perfectly complements this film; plus its costumes add another beautiful element.

The Director

Ketan Mehta has created an exquisitely intricate and engagingly written drama in Rang Rasiya that explores themes such as colour, desire, erotica and emotion in an engagingly dramatic fashion – his best work since Mirch Masala.

Rang Rasiya follows the life of Raja Ravi Varma whose life hovered delicately between the sublime and mundane. A painter by profession, an entrepreneur by trade and lover by passion; at once giving and receiving, giving to Gods but still being selfish at heart; Rang Rasiya explores that relationship in detail.

Randeep Hooda shines in his title role. Nandana Sen, Gaurav Dwivedi, Jim Boeven and Freyna Wazheir round out an outstanding supporting cast that resonates with artists who face unfair moral policing or social norms. Rang Rasiya will resonate with artists facing increased restrictions in their works or social norms that attempt to mold them in certain directions.

The Music

Ketan Mehta deserves praise for blending a biopic, period film, love story, and social critique into one cohesive narrative. Rali Raltchev and Christo Bakalov’s hypnotic cinematography across vast landscapes only adds grandeur to this film.

Rang Rasiya is an unforgettable masterpiece that remains timeless 120 years later. The movie depicts the life and times of Raja Ravi Varma who pioneered adopting European painting styles with Indian classics to give Hindu gods and goddesses human faces that still resonate today.

Music of this film is also notable, featuring powerful classical numbers by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan while Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics express effectively how his protagonist feels; Kahe Sataye stands out in particular.

The Visuals

Rang Rasiya is a captivating television show that whisks audiences into an alternate reality where love knows no boundaries and human emotions are tested to their limits. Through captivating storytelling, striking visuals, and powerful performances it will leave an indelible mark on its viewers and leave an everlasting impression upon audiences.

Mehta expertly weaves together biopic, period film, love story and social critique in one tight frame. His portrait of Raja Ravi Varma as someone who gave faces (and sensuality) to Hindu deities is truly captivating.

Randeep Hooda gives an exceptional performance as legendary painter Vincent van Gogh. Nandana Sen is superb as Sugandha. However, the controversial nude scene makes us cringe; nevertheless it remains worth watching due to such brilliant performances from all parties involved.

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