Conquering the Entertainment and Gambling World: Storm International and the Births of Shangri La Casinos

In the age of innovative technologies, a lot of people may prefer to play casino games online over land-based casinos. However, physical casinos provide the kind of experience that online casinos don’t. Before players can even visit a land-based casino, gambling should be legal in their regions. By legalizing the legal industry, players will be confident that they go through the gaming process safely and without worries. Also, this benefits the government as it can get extra cash injections from casino operators who must pay to get a business license. 

Storm International, a leading gambling operator, runs casinos in countries where gambling is legal. It introduces land-based casinos to new users across the globe. The company launched Shangri La Batumi on August 1, 2023 in Batumi, Georgia.

The Batumi project faced a lot of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the casino was successfully put into operation and has been getting positive attendance since. The launch of the gambling house resulted from the well-coordinated effort of the company’s team of experts. Traditionally, the famous shangri la Casino Yerevan, the brand’s Armenian branch, has been the industry leader. The team of this branch did an amazing job, allowing the casino to fare well throughout the year. Gambling enthusiasts look forward to this year with great hopes. 

Storm International has planned to implement a new modern gambling super house for 2024. It is currently building an elite five-star hotel and a royal casino chain in the Armenian capital. The company continues to expand its reach to the satisfaction of casino players. The results showed last year by the launch of Shangri La Tbilisi and Shangri La Minsk, both of which are luxurious casinos that deserve all types of positive reviews. These cities are continuously being frequented by casino players. 

Storm International’s Shangri La Live online casino is also an achievement that is worth mentioning. The launch of this platform demonstrated the commitment of the company to making casinos accessible to the average user. One of the best live casinos, Shangri La Live is continuously growing. Such growth is enhanced by Storm International’s brand plans and creative ideas. 

Storm International is a legendary brand. For more than three decades, it has taken Shangri La casinos to new heights, conquering the entertainment and gambling world strategically. According to CEO Darren Keane, last year was a tough test for the Storm. However, the professional team of the brand emerged from this difficulty with dignity and pride. 

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