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Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise might sound intimidating at first. Yet anaerobic workouts offer many advantages to our health that cannot be found with other forms of physical activity, including weight training or high intensity sessions. Anaerobic workouts help strengthen muscles while increasing power. Furthermore, they burn more calories than fat for hours after you finish exercising; improve insulin sensitivity; lower high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation levels while boosting heart health while contributing to weight loss, improving sleep quality and mood, as well as helping with weight loss efforts!

Anaerobic exercise refers to any physical activity which requires short bursts of energy without sufficient oxygen for sustained activity. Examples include sprinting, weight lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, high intensity interval training and high intensity interval training. Regular anaerobic exercise helps strengthen and tone muscles, increase muscle mass, improve flexibility, build endurance and optimize the performance of other forms of exercises.

Anaerobic exercise differs from aerobic in that it doesn’t rely on oxygen to break down glucose molecules in the blood, instead relying on energy from stored glycogen in muscle cells for fueling exercise and producing lactic acid, leading to that distinct “burn” feeling in your muscles. Once completed, anaerobic exercises must be followed up with rest periods to restore oxygen levels in body tissues and prevent muscle fatigue.

Anaerobic exercise not only benefits muscles, but it has been demonstrated to increase lung capacity by training it better at transporting oxygen, increasing maximum volume of oxygen consumed during intense physical exertion – known as “VO2 max.” VO2 max can improve over time with regular training.

Anaerobic exercises can not only build strength and endurance, but they are also an excellent way to shed extra weight. Due to being performed in short bursts at high intensity, anaerobic exercises tend to burn more calories than traditional cardio exercises; making anaerobics particularly helpful for people trying to reduce midsection fat.

If you are considering anaerobic exercise, be sure to first consult with both a trainer and doctor before beginning. Anaerobic workouts tend to be high intensity workouts with short duration that may strain joints or be unsuitable for those who have medical conditions that could affect performance. However, by gradually building up intensity over time, you can safely reach rigorous workouts without health risks. When choosing when and where to exercise, avoid exercising near bedtime as intensive workouts may interfere with sleeping patterns.

Also make sure that you remain hydrated when exercising to ensure an enjoyable and safe workout session. Injurys can also be an issue, so proper form and technique should always be practiced. Finding an exercise routine you enjoy and keeping it up is the key to leading a healthier lifestyle with regular physical activity. If you need help starting off a fitness regimen slowly add anaerobic exercises into your day until they become part of your everyday life routine.

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