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Top 5 Best Educational Apps For Kids

The App Store offers many educational apps designed for children, but the best ones are those that keep them engaged and are easy to use. Fun is key here; apps must also teach new skills through game play. Many of these apps are free while some require subscription payments in order to access all their games and videos – consider your budget before downloading an app for your child.

Kids can use this app to learn the alphabet, spelling, counting, shapes, mathematics fundamentals, nouns/verbs rhyming etc in an enjoyable gamified way. There are 30 exciting educational games with different rewards/levels including tracing letters to solving puzzles/word searches/videos etc to keep kids occupied for hours! There are even videos/songs and more included to keep children entertained while learning.

This educational app will introduce children to the wonders of nature with beautiful photographs and engaging content. Through an engaging interactive experience, kids can discover different habitats such as deserts, forests and coral reefs; explore each environment’s inhabitants; as well as learn about animals and plants native to each one. Unfortunately however, the app requires internet connectivity to work; therefore making it unsuitable for long trips.

No doubt it may seem counterintuitive that an app that teaches kids to code would make this list of top educational apps, but Swift Playgrounds by Apple opens programming language up for everyone through split-screen lessons that let users code one side while seeing results appear in 3D space on the right – perfect for engaging and teaching children as well as opening them up to future career options! Not only is this an engaging educational app but it introduces kids to future possibilities of work too!

An essential tool for any future astronaut, this free app encourages children to study our universe. Kids can use their device to point at the sky and find all of the stars, constellations and galaxies visible from Earth – sparking imaginations while building structures in space and looking out for features in space that they might discover!

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