How Clothing Can Convey Messages About the Wearer

Clothing serves as a nonverbal communication tool by conveying messages about its wearer through color, fabric and style. Apparel can communicate aspects such as personality traits, age, social status and occupation to those viewing them; body dimensions revealed through clothing are used to show individual’s emotions or mood, define boundaries or draw attention to specific parts of the body (for instance jewelry can draw focus to hands and neck areas while belts can show off waistlines).

Clothing serves as a form of advertising, spreading the word about brands and products to consumers through its design and marketing. Clothing can help consumers choose a product, while at the same time creating an environment in which people feel as though they belong to certain groups or brands. Clothing worn by employees of an organization can serve as an additional way of reinforcing its values, culture, and uniqueness.

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Contrast in fabric, cut, and texture can add dimension and interest to an outfit. A leather skirt may evoke edge while cashmere can create sweetness; colors create depth; for instance striped pants in different hues can create depth as they reflect different aspects of an individual’s personality or juxtapose athletic wear with elegant eveningwear. Clothing can also convey one’s sense of humor through color, fabric design, or messages printed onto them – for instance a humorous hat with an amusing message or shirt bearing an embarrassing joke can create lighthearted atmospheres while contributing positively towards positive emotions!

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