Cherry Wine Hemp: Aroma, Flavor, and Cultivation Tips

Finding the best hemp strain on the market can be a challenge sometimes. Most of the many strains on the market are potent with unique flavors and aromas. One strain that has become quite popular is Cherry Wine.

It is an exciting hemp strain loved by many because of its flavors. Besides the flavors, it also has high CBD content, making it one of the most potent strains on the market. Herein, we look at this strain, highlighting its origin and aroma. 

Also included in this guide will be essential tips on how to grow Cherry Wine hemp in your backyard. 

Early Beginnings 

Cherry Wine’s beginnings can be traced back to 2015. It is a product of crossing two of the best hemp strains, The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. Cherry Wine captures the best qualities of each parent, resulting in an Indica-dominant strain.

Most people who use this strain love it because of its wonderful flavor profile. You can tell from its name that the aromas make Cherry Wine hemp buds worth sampling.

Flavors and Scents

Once you open a bag of fresh Cherry Wine buds, you will notice the captivating scents of ripe cherries and sweet berries. Those with a stronger sense of smell will also pick up undertones of pine and earthiness.

When smoking or vaping Cherry Wine pre-rolls, you will taste a blend of fruity and herbal flavors. The fruity flavors are powerful and will linger in your mouth after smoking. 

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Growing Cherry Wine Hemp

Now, we are at the part you have been waiting for. Cultivating your own hemp plant for personal use is satisfying. You can rest assured that you are consuming hemp products that are 100% organic and grown using the best practices. 

One thing you must know before you think about growing Cherry Wine hemp is that it does well in temperate climates with plenty of sunlight. This means you have to plant it outdoors for the best results.

Ensure that you have enough space as the plant stretches during the flowering stage. So, provide enough spacing when planting to avoid overcrowding later as the plant matures. While you are at it, prune the excess leaves to encourage the plants to adopt an even canopy development.

The buds are ready for harvest after eight to nine weeks. At around this time, the flowers pack peak potency, which is what you are looking for. However, flowering can occur earlier or later depending on the weather and climate in your region. 

Harvesting and Storing

Hemp buds are quite delicate after harvesting. You must ensure that you store the flowers well for proper curing. Store them in a room with little moisture content to prevent molding. In addition, ensure that they aren’t in the presence of direct sunlight.

Summing Up

Cherry Wine hemp is the perfect strain for anyone who values flavor and recreational benefits. Before growing your own Cherry Wine, make sure it is legal. Consult with the relevant authorities and source your seeds from renowned hemp farms or breeders. 

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