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Can a Loan for Self Employed Help in Overcoming Business Seasonality Challenges?

Self employment offers professionals the freedom of their venture and creates flexible work schedules. Having said that, seasonal challenges are one of the many unique challenges they have to face.

Between the ebb and flow of business funds from one season to another, it becomes essential for self employed people to have a strategic tool. A tool that can help them thrive in both circumstances. Can a loan for self employed be that tool? If so, then how can a digital lending platform help a self employed person overcome the same?

In this blog, we will be focusing on the answers to these questions and explore the intricacies of loan for self employed. In the end, we hope to find the answer to how loan for self employed can be beneficial. 

What are the Impacts of Seasonal Fluctuations on Business Funds?

Before getting into whether a loan for self employed can help, it is essential to understand the potential impacts of seasonal fluctuations on your funds.  Understanding the same will not only help you tailor the choices of loan for self employed but also evaluate the business funds more appropriately.

Let us see the impacts of seasonal fluctuations and the factors influencing the same!

  • Fund Volatility

Both peak and off-peak seasons have pronounced impacts on the volatility of funds. The increase in revenue during peak seasons is associated with higher marketing and inventory restocking expenses. On the other hand, reduced income during off-peak seasons is not relieved from fixed costs like utilities and rent, leading to periods of abundance and financial constraints.

  • Working Capital Challenges

Impact on working capital is the toughest to manage for businesses, especially during off-peak seasons. Businesses struggle with maintaining day-to-day operations and sustaining regular business operations.

  • Inventory Management Struggles

Retail or wholesale businesses that rely heavily on inventory, struggle to manage the stock level due to seasonal fluctuations. Where peak seasons call for additional investment in inventory to meet the increased demand, an inadequate inventory might lead to missing the sales opportunity.

  • Impact on Profitability

There’s a direct proportionality of profit to the seasonal fluctuations of a business. There might be substantial profits during the peak seasons; however, that gain is evidently eradicated while managing the fixed costs during the low revenue off-peak seasons. 

Knowing the impacts of seasonal fluctuations on your business funds will effectively drive your strategies in financial planning. Consequently, a loan for self employed can be an effective tool for the survival and success season.  


The Digital Lending Approach to Overcoming Seasonal Hurdles

As a self employed individual, dealing with the peaks and troughs in business funds due to seasonal challenges has become difficult. Under such situations, digital lending platforms act as an innovative force.

Here’s why you should take the digital lending approach by availing loan for self employed to deal with seasonal challenges: 

  • Quick and Hassle-Free Application Processes

Availability of a loan for self employed has become easy since digital lending platforms use technology to make the whole process of paperwork hassle-free. This quick application process is beneficial in case of urgent financial needs.

  • Flexible Eligibility Criteria

Unlike traditional lenders, digital lending platforms adopt flexible eligibility criteria and cater to unique financial situations by providing a loan for self employed professionals. This allows self employed individuals to access funds when traditional lenders are unable to recognise the circumstances. 

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

Instead of just relying on credit scores, digital lending platforms use an advanced set of algorithms to analyse a self employed professional’s financial health and creditworthiness. Such digital lending platforms even offer a personal loan for self employed professionals who are new to credit users. This allows you to meet urgent financial needs without hesitation. 

  • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere

The digital lending platforms differ from traditional ones in terms of accessibility. Hence, a loan for self employed is quite convenient for individuals who are managing their businesses remotely since online lending platforms offer loans 24 by 7. Additionally, the age limit to avail of the different types of loan ranges starts at just 21 years old and is not restricted up to 45 years old.

  1. Flexible Repayment Period

Keeping in mind the seasonal fluctuations for businesses in raising funds, digital lending platforms allow quite a flexible repayment of loan for self employed. It allows both options: early repayment or over an extended period. Individuals can opt for any of the options as per their financial circumstances.

The online lending aspect has brought in an immense shift in how personal loan for self employed individuals can run their ventures during seasonal hurdles. The technology, reliability, and continuous adaptation to innovation with financial management tools have made digital lending platforms truly helpful for self employed entrepreneurs.  

Here’s how a loan can instantly help you:

  •       Immediate access to capital
  •       Bridging the fund gaps
  •       Flexible repayment options
  •       No collateral requirements
  •       Credit flexibility 
  •       Risk management
  •       Stabilising operations
  •       Digital management and tracking 

Hence, by taking a loan for entrepreneurs from a digital lending platform, one can proactively strategise the management of a business’s dynamic nature during the seasons.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our exploration into the threads of self employment, business seasonality, and loans. You can transform your seasonal challenges into opportunities by uncovering the potential of a loan for the self employed from digital lending platforms such as KreditBee. 

Borrowing for self employed entrepreneurs has been streamlined through their seamless and innovative integration of technology and finance.  Hence, it is your turn to capitalise on the flexible repayment options of instant personal loans that are the most convenient.

Our aim through this article was to help you comprehend the fund complexities you go through as a self employed individual. We hope you feel fully prepared to tackle the uncalled seasonal challenges and maintain those scaling sales! 

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