What Is Football Betting Over/Under? How to Bet Effectively

What is over/under soccer betting?? This is a relatively new concept for those new to soccer betting. In the article below, the sports page will help new players better understand soccer betting as well as share how to bet to have the highest winning rate.
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What is over/under soccer betting?

What is over/under soccer betting? Accordingly, the above odds are understood as a concept used to indicate that the team may be stronger in form, class, expertise and quality players than the rest. And houses often assign stronger teams a red symbol.

The underdog is a term used to refer to the team with worse performance and players. Therefore, these teams will be designated as the underdogs. And the symbolic color in the house odds table is black.

However, depending on each match, in addition to information about the two teams, determining the upper and lower odds also depends on many factors. Determining what soccer betting is over/under will help bettors make choices while participating in online soccer betting.

Handicap ratios in soccer betting: over/under

When participating in soccer betting, players need to make the most accurate predictions to increase their chances of winning. Below are the handicaps when betting on over/under that you need to know:

Accept half left

This is a fairly popular handicap currently chosen by many people participating in over-under soccer betting. With this ratio, players will have a probability of winning up to 50/50. 

Handicap 1/4 left

With a handicap of 1/4 left, if the player wins the bet, he or she will receive the entire bet. If the two teams have a draw, the original bet will be lost. And to be able to make safe betting decisions, players should choose this ratio.

Handicap 3/4 left

This handicap is quite popular today and appears in all football matches. With the upper handicap and the lower handicap handicap 0.75 goals, if the upper handicap team scores 2 or more goals, it will win. The rest pull down and accept defeat. 

However, when the upper-bet team only wins 1 goal, the lower-bet team only wins half the money. If you bet on the underdog, you will lose half of your bet. In case the lower team wins or draws, the player will receive full money.

Handicap 1 goal

Handicap of 1 goal is also a fairly common handicap in Soccer Betting. What is the over/under handicap? With this ratio, if the player bets on to win, the team must win by 2 goals or more.
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If the lower team scores 1 goal, it will be a draw. And the player with the lower bet will win. If the two teams tie, whoever chooses the underdog will win.

The secret to effective football betting with upper odds and lower odds

Any player who participates needs to understand the concept of over-under soccer betting. Besides, you also need to prepare yourself with effective betting tips. Below, New88 will tell you ways to bet on football that are sure to win, including:

Check the odds through the house odds table

Football betting through the match odds table is the perfect and most commonly applied way of betting. If a match is fair, with little difference in strength between the two teams, betting will be safer. 

For example, the house rarely interferes in betting, players only need to pay attention to the strength of the two teams to make a decision to put money down. However, each odds offered by the bookmaker also needs to be continuously updated and analyze odds fluctuations to make accurate decisions.

Check the odds when the dealer offers a bet 

This is an essential thing that any player needs to understand. Before the official match takes place, you need to find out the relevant information. To do that, choose a reputable bookmaker to be able to track the most accurate betting information.

Asian and European odds

One of the secrets to making high-odds, low-odds football betting that bettors need to know is to continuously monitor the odds table. Because in case the European odds and Asian odds have a slight decrease, the possibility of the home team winning is very large.

However, players also need to pay attention to flash bets or tempting bets from the house. If you are not alert, you will risk being left empty-handed. That’s why, the closer the game gets to the end, the more the odds blink, so you really have to stay calm.


Through the above article, surely you have grasped the concept of over-under soccer betting? Along with that are effective betting tips from experts New88, top player. Hope it will help your bet to have the highest winning rate. 

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