Learn about the Northern Lottery and how to correctly catch the Northern Lottery

Catching a Northern Lottery is exactly the goal that every lottery player desires. However, sometimes we can get lost and have to search everywhere to find the white card, but the success rate of this method depends a lot on luck. If you have knowledge about how to catch a card in your hand, choosing a card game to play will become easier. In the article below, Vin777 will help you learn and provide some of the most accurate and effective methods of catching Northern lottery numbers.

What is the Northern theme?

The word “white hand” originates from the tom nest game, and has been used by lottery players for a long time to refer to the method of playing with a single number to determine winning or losing. In the topic, there are two important concepts: Bach Thu De and Bach Thu De (abbreviated as BTĐ). This way of playing requires the player to be able to predict and accurately predict a single number. However, for those who put safety and efficiency first, this way of playing is not suitable.

Most experts or people who do not play lottery regularly like to play lottery because they have a special feeling with that single number. When playing card game, players do not need to invest too much money, the important thing is to only play once, so they need to be able to analyze data accurately and have a strong mentality.

Is it easy to catch Northern lottery numbers?

Many people wonder whether the arrest Bach Thu topic Is it easy or difficult and what are the odds of winning the lottery? In fact, playing the card game is always more difficult than playing the lottery in a set. On the Northern lottery results table, there are 27 draws, while the Southern and Central lottery have 18 draws, but only one single number. The chance of winning the lottery is very low, only about 1%. If you bet on a spread of 10 numbers, your chances of winning will increase 10 times, giving you a significantly higher chance of winning.

Instead of betting, if you play the lottery, your odds of winning will be higher. Taking into account the Northern lottery, the winning rate for the lottery is 27% and 18% for the Central and Southern lotteries. It can be seen that playing Northern Lottery is very difficult and the chances are small, but if you know the secret to recognizing the signs of lottery, your winning rate will be significantly increased.

How to predict Northern Lottery winning 99.99%

In addition to methods such as mute tail and canarium, there are a number of other ways to catch Northern lottery numbers that are considered accurate. One of them is to catch the white card with the domain in the shape of a rectangle with missing corners, to catch the white card with the shape of a pascale ball… There are many methods to catch white fish, please refer to below.

Catch the double lottery from the dumb end

One method that can be said to be the most effective in catching a winning hand is to catch a white hand that touches 0 of the dumb head or tail the next day, in the form of A0 or 0A (where A represents the dumb head/tail). . In addition, if there are 1 or 2 silent tails, you will be able to play BA or AB.

These are simple and easy-to-implement Northern lottery methods, but it should be noted that they do not always have a high winning rate. Monitoring and being patient in applying this method over a long period of time will increase your chances of winning.

Catching the Northern lottery in the shape of a diamond

An extremely effective method to catch the Northern card game is to catch in the shape of a cana. To find the winning numbers, what you need to do is follow the daily prize drawing results table and arrange the prizes in vertical order. If in 3 adjacent solutions, 2 numbers A and B appear, forming a diamond shape as follows:




If a result like this appears, the player should immediately play white card AB the next day or raise it continuously for 5 days. This is a method that can be applied to Third, Fourth and Fifth prizes. Applying this method requires careful monitoring and observation from the player.

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Catching the Northern lottery from the dumb end

Another method to find lottery numbers is to observe the Northern lottery statistics table yesterday or 3 to 4 days before. If at least 1 dumb head or dumb tail appears, the player can choose one of the two double numbers of that dumb head or tail to play for the next day.

For example: If today the number 3 and number 7 are silent, the player can choose one of the two double numbers 33 or 77 to play. This northern lottery method is based on analyzing and observing trends in statistical tables to find pairs of numbers that are highly likely to appear in the next day.

Catch the white card from the falling card

Another method that is simple and suitable for new players is to catch the winning numbers from choosing dropped numbers. You need to observe yesterday’s XSMB special prize to determine the AB number. Then, during the next 3 to 5 days, you can play the winning numbers from this AB lottery number or BA lottery number.

This way of playing requires you to bet continuously for 3 to 5 days to increase your chances of profit. By relying on the information from the jackpot and using the numbers AB or BA, you can hopefully achieve favorable results in betting.

Catch the Northern lottery according to the 5 day – 7 day frame

If you are a player with small capital to invest, you can apply this method, but keep in mind that the chance of winning the next day is not high, and you need to farm continuously for a certain period of time.

To raise the octopus for 7 days, you can apply the following methods:

  • Method 1: Bet on the lost lottery according to prize 5.1.
  • Method 2: Match the numbers in position 1 of prize 5.3 with position 3 of prize 5.3.
  • Method 3: Add up the numbers of the first prize to form the final number AB.

To raise northern Bach Thu lottery for 5 days, you can apply the following methods:

  • Method 1: Take the ball of prize 7.4 in the lottery results table on Tuesday and play continuously for 5 days.
  • Method 2: Take the lottery in prize 5.4 of every Wednesday and add 1 to create a white card that will last for 5 days.
  • Method 3: Raise the drop from prize 4.4 of every Thursday according to the 5-day frame.

These ways to play the Northern lottery require patience and careful monitoring in raising the lottery within the specified time to increase the chance of winning.


Article above Vin777 has provided you with information about the Northern Lottery and some ways to catch the Northern Lottery. Hopefully you can refer to the above information and apply it to yourself to be able to catch the lottery in the most accurate way. Wishing you good luck on your path to conquering the problem and quickly changing your life.

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