Understanding how to calculate soccer bets is a topic of interest to betting enthusiasts. Only when you know how the game works can you become a master and not lose money when virtual betting.

Why should players calculate their own bets?

A common mistake people new to sports betting make is not knowing how to calculate soccer bets correctly. Most people wait for the amount of money the game portal returns after the match ends without knowing that this is a double-edged sword that can cause players to lose money.

There are many reasons why players should consider learning how to calculate winnings and losses when betting at online game portals:

  • Only when you know how to calculate odds can you determine the most effective betting strategy.
  • The game portal will never proactively notify unfavorable situations that affect betting bonuses but will only silently pay out when the match has ended.
  • Not all game portals are financially transparent and fair.
  • The way bets are calculated gives players insight and confidence that they won’t lose too much while playing.

Terminology to remember when self-checking

To calculate soccer bets, players should remember some commonly used terms as follows:

  • Winning enough is the amount of winnings the player receives = Bet amount x Match odds
  • If you win half the money, the amount received = ½ Bet amount x Match odds + The amount of capital the player bet.
  • Losing enough means the player will lose everything they bet.
  • Losing half the money means the player loses ½ of the bet amount and receives the remaining ½.

Details on how to calculate soccer bets

Before starting the bet, the player should determine in advance two possible situations: win or lose, then apply the soccer bet calculation method to see how much money should be spent.

How to calculate money when winning a bet

When winning a bet, the amount the player receives will be calculated according to the following formula:

  • Win enough money: Amount received = Bet amount x Match odds.
  • Win half money: Amount received = Bet x (Odds +1)/2.

For example, if the match that the player is interested in has odds of 1:4, then half the win will be calculated as follows: (1.4 + 1)/2 = 1.2. Next, multiply this number by the bet amount to get the amount returned to your account.

 How to calculate money when losing a bet

Besides losing the entire bet, the player can fall into the situation of losing half the match, meaning losing half of the original bet. The formula for calculating money after losing is as follows: ½ the amount spent to bet x odds given by the game portal.

For example, if a player bets 500$ on a match with odds of 1:4, the amount lost is: 250$ x 1.4 = 350$.

Things to pay attention to when calculating money

To calculate soccer odds, players are required to clearly understand the regulations and betting rules of each game portal, which can also help players calculate money more accurately. Please continuously update the odds before the official match takes place to avoid losing too much money. In addition, choosing a reputable game portal is an important way to preserve your betting capital.

Tips to increase your winnings

When betting, everyone wants to win all the winnings. Here are a few great ways to enhance rewards:

  • Choose the appropriate odds

To have a chance to win, choose popular bets such as Asian, European, over/under, and corner kicks. Only when you are really confident should you choose shake bets and cross bets. But the most important thing is to choose the bet that the player is truly confident and understands best.

  • Bet based on odds fluctuations

Every match has fluctuations in odds, but players should stay away from matches with constantly changing odds and increasing bets as the match approaches. In case the handicap drops from ¼ to 0 and the bet increases, choose the lower bet to be safe.

  • Bet based on team ranking

When choosing a match to bet on, look at the rankings of each team to evaluate the odds. Players should note that they should not choose a match where the two teams have too much difference, but instead choose two teams that are close to each other in the rankings. Normally, teams that are 7 places apart are easy to predict, and the odds are less volatile.

If the strengths of the two teams are too different and have strong betting odds, you can choose. However, the betting level in these cases is usually not too high.

Betting based on reality

To learn how to calculate soccer bets, players should focus on analyzing the situation between the two teams to calculate a reasonable plan:

  • Home and away performances of the two teams in the last five matches
  • Tactics and playing styles of the two teams.
  • Pay attention to the nature of the match, weather, and match time.
  • These factors help people predict the outcome of future matches.
  • Choose an address to receive high-value bonuses
  • If players are wondering whether they should play at this game portal,

Learning how to calculate soccer bets is a necessary skill that any player who wants to win the huge bonuses that the game portal offers must have.

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