Discover sexting: Origins, motivations and precautions

Looking for information about sexting? With the help of our experts we are going to show you all the details you are looking for about sexting to make it much easier for you to know everything related to this topic.   

What is sexting?   

We can define sexting as the tool used to send erotic content over the Internet. This erotic content can be through messages, images or videos. Due to the rise of WhatsApp, this is usually the most used app for sexting, but there are many other applications that can be used to exchange content through the sexting technique.    

According to the latest studies, we have been able to verify that sexting is fashionable among young people, but not so young people also use sexting to exchange content and thus increase arousal.    

Sexting is not only a practice that is done with known partners, it is also becoming fashionable to practice it with couples who barely know each other. An example of this can be seen with the escorts of the portal. As luxury escorts tell us, more and more clients are asking them to perform the sexting technique to get pleasure from a distance. This shows that the excitement through sexting can be with both known and unknown people. Moreover, many people have stated that the excitement with strangers is even greater because of the experiences that can be lived.    

However, it is important to remember that sexting forces to share intimate content and in many occasions it is not known what will be done with it. For this reason, this technique must be done with care if we do not want to regret it later.    

Origin of sexting   

Many people who enjoy sexting wonder what its origin was. There is really no specific date. Experts estimate that sexting started at the end of the 20th century, when the internet and especially mobile telephony arrived.    

With the development of internet and cell phones, sexting started to become more popular because sharing erotic and intimate content is really easy. That makes it really easy for people who bet on this technique today.   

Main motivations for sexting   

As escorts tell us, more and more people are betting on sexting because the motivations are increasing. We are going to show you the main ones, but there are more. What you must be clear about is that in order to enjoy sexting, both parties must agree on this practice.    

  • Expression: through this technique the couple can express different things, even if it is at a distance. When it is done in consensus, it is a tool that can unite the couple. It is no longer necessary to be in physical contact for the couple to feel united.     
  • Seduction: couples need to flirt and sexting is presented as another tool. It can not only help to flirt, but also to unite the couple already created. The important thing is to use the practice correctly.    
  • Intimacy: you can get a greater strength in emotions and in your own relationship. Sexting must always be used correctly, otherwise it can lead to problems. For this reason, many people use secure apps specially created for this purpose. This avoids that the other person can save the images and later use them against the interests of that person.     
  • Excitement: another of the main motivations. When a couple is looking for fun and above all excitement, it is a different technique through which to achieve very good results. A great tool when the couple is not lucky enough to be together.    
  • Sexual fantasies: this is another option to make sexual fantasies come true. There are many couples who have always dreamed of sexting, but for various reasons have not taken the step to practice it. Now they have it easier, they can practice it and make that sexual fantasy come true.   

Precautions to take into account with sexting   

When it comes to sexting we have to have everything under control. It is important to be clear that the moment you send an image, you totally lose control over it. To avoid problems, you should always be careful with the content you share, so that it is not used against you in the future.   

You should always be careful with the content you share to avoid being blackmailed. Some people use that content to blackmail or force that person to share more sexual content. Do not fall into sexual exploitation, if necessary report it.    

It is important to be clear that your reputation can go against you if you share erotic content to people you should not. Such content can negatively affect your interests. Before sharing erotic content think twice.   

Finally, it is important to know that sexting can cause emotional damage to the person. This damage will be higher if the content is shared without consent and reaches unwanted people.    

With all this information we can realize that sexting is positive in many cases, but it can also be negative. This practice should always be used with care to avoid future problems. And if it is practiced, it is best to use secure apps that prevent theft or downloading of content.

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