What is Draw No Bet? The Best Playing Experience

Draw No Bet is one of the forms of betting used by many players today. Besides prominent names in the world such as Asian odds or Thom odds,… Draw No Bet is also very popular thanks to its reputation and high winning rate. Join New88 to learn about how to play this bet in this articleHey here!
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What is Draw No Bet? 

Draw No Bet (or draw refund, same ball bet) is simply understood as if after 90 minutes the football match ends with a draw, the house will refund the participant the entire amount. money they bet. This type of bet is quite rare in Asian bookmakers, but extremely popular in European bookmakers. 

In particular, in addition to football, Draw No Bet is also used quite a lot in other sports. For example, handball, volleyball, badminton, or basketball, etc. Because compared to many common forms of betting, applying ball betting will help reduce risks for players quite well. 

If you have confidence in winning a specific team, but still have concerns about the possibility of a draw in the match. Then placing a Draw No Bet bet will be an extremely suitable choice for you to avoid losing miserably. 

What are the outstanding features of Draw No Bet? 

If you are wondering whether to apply Draw No Bet or not, you can refer to some of the characteristics of this type of bet before making a decision:

  • Compared to other forms of betting with huge rewards, the risk ratio of ball betting is quite low with 50% being the least chance of winning for bettors. You will also get your deposit refunded when the two teams play to a draw. Therefore, the probability of losing with this bet is actually not high, creating peace of mind for many people. 
  • Everyone can participate in this form of betting because its gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand.

The most detailed instructions on how to play Draw No Bet

If you have played European 1×2 odds, you will definitely realize that the gameplay of Draw No Bet has many similarities with this type of bet. In the same ball bet, you have the option to bet on 2 bets: the home team wins or the away team wins in the end. 

To better understand, you can study an illustrative example of the confrontation between home team Man City and away team MU as follows: 

When a player bets on Man City as the winning team, there will be 3 cases that will happen after the match ends: 

  • The player loses and loses the bet when MU is the winning team
  • The player wins and receives the house’s bonus when the Man City team wins. 
  • Players receive back the money they bet when the final score between MU and Man City is a draw. 

It can be seen that the same bet is a fairly safe form of betting to preserve your capital. Because when two teams tie, it’s like you’ve never placed a bet and will receive 100% of your previous bet back. 

Revealing the experience of playing Draw No Bet which is the easiest to win 

Even though it is considered easy to play, if you do not know the experience and skills of playing Draw No Bet from the experts, you may still have to admit defeat. Therefore, remember not to miss these tips for playing ball betting right below! 

Research every factor that affects the match outcome

Besides, researching factors that affect the outcome of the match also plays an extremely important role. There are many factors that can affect the final result of the match. For example, if a player suddenly gets injured, the coach cannot continue to give instructions because he has been carded. Or some other external influence can cause both the team and the players to lose morale quickly and have an unstable match. 

In fact, the playing strategy in the whole match and the team that plays will be a significant factor contributing to the success of the whole team. When the team you bet on wins, the person who receives profit from that result is you. You just need to really pay attention and learn about all the factors that affect the team you intend to bet on. Then your results will definitely not be bad!
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Analyze the betting odds that the bookmaker has prescribed 

The odds at each bookmaker are different. Therefore, if you are new to the betting community, you must definitely pay attention to this issue. Reputable bookmakers will have quite attractive and suitable odds. For example, when coming to New88 homepage, players will often bring home many valuable rewards thanks to the transparent and clear odds table sent in detail to players. 

Based on each match, bookmaker New88 will offer different odds to best suit the situation of the two teams as well as the needs of the players. Therefore, if you want to play Draw No Bet effectively, you can visit!

Bet in pairs on the difference in level on the field

The first experience you cannot ignore is betting on pairs with differences in level on the field. That means you should bet on Draw No Bet between a super strong team and a weaker team. Next, to increase your chances of winning, you just need to put your prepared capital into the strong team’s door. 

In case a strong team cannot win due to certain problems, a draw can still occur. At that time, your financial resources will be intact. Therefore, this is definitely an extremely useful tip that you should know. 

You can play in combination with Draw No Bet and many other special bets

If you want to increase your chances of winning, in addition to Draw No Bet, you can also choose to participate in many other types of bets. For example, corner kick bets, exact score bets, penalty over/under bets, overwhelming win bets… 

Make a specific plan before you start betting 

You need to base on the information provided in the article above to come up with a reasonable playing strategy for yourself. That is, after choosing a reputable unit to bet on, you need to analyze the odds according to the house’s regulations. Then find the necessary information to judge which teams are strong and which teams are weak to decide to bet,… 

If you can correctly apply the above experiences, while maintaining your psychological state throughout the match. Don’t put too much emphasis on winning or losing and know how to consider your current capital. Then you will definitely achieve the best results when participating in Draw No Bet. 

Thus, it can be seen that playing Draw No Bet is not too complicated and the winning rate is also quite high. However, if you do not carefully read the article that New88 has compiled above, it will be difficult for you to win for yourself. To increase your income from playing football betting, quickly visit bookmaker New88 now!

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