Geet Hui Sabse Parayi Web Series Review

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi was one of the most beloved Indian television shows of its era. Cast and crew worked tirelessly to craft an experience for viewers that was meaningful and approachable.

Geet is a bold young lady who never gives up her dreams. When her family attempts to force her to marry Dev, she fights hard for herself and fights back with every ounce of force she can muster in order to preserve her life and achieve happiness.


Geet, from a rural community in India, dreams of attaining her education and caring for her younger cousins. However, she feels threatened by male members in her family who do not support gender equality and consider women a burden that should be married off quickly.

Geet moves to Delhi for work and unexpectedly becomes Maan’s secretary without realizing he was Dev’s brother, without knowing it at first, falling for each other without knowing their brotherly connection – much to Maan’s chagrin but eventually coming around and marrying Geet anyway.


Geet, an ordinary girl from her small town home, struggles through life’s obstacles with courage and resolve. Forced into abortion by her family, Geet leaves home and relocates to Delhi where she meets Maan who serves as her secretary and works alongside him on their business ventures.

Maan and Geet fall deeply in love, yet Geet becomes alarmed at a stalker leaving gifts and writing creepy messages on her mirror. Maan promises to protect Geet by drugging her cousin. After her brother attempts to kill Geet but Geet saves him; Geet then captures and brings their stalker to Maan’s house where he burns himself alive before Geet and Maan can finally rest easy that their stalker is finally gone.

Adi Sir

Geet finds herself pursued by an unfamiliar man who claims to know all her secrets. Although terrified, she decides against telling Maan. Upon further investigation she discovers this individual to be Dev’s brother whom she keeps encountering frequently.

Geet feels bad for him and helps when she can. Geet also runs into him on her wedding night before consummating their union.

Gurmeet Choudhary has become an instantaneous fan favorite through shows such as Ramyan, Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi and Punar Vivaah. He boasts an immense social media following as well as appearing in reality shows. Fans adore his stubble look and chiseled body which make women go weak at the knees – this made him appear on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5.


Dev is having difficulty dealing with Nandini, Lucky and Preeto; these three arrogant individuals keep creating havoc in his household through their prideful stupidity.

Geet attempts to convince Dev to part ways but he refuses. Instead he convinces her they can build new memories which they will look back upon later and remember fondly.

Dev and Geet quickly fall in love and fall for each other. He agrees to marry her but Geet wants to remain in India, which Dev does not tell his family about. Geet finds relief that Dev has not informed his family of this plan until she receives an upsetting call which sends shockwaves through her body – this evening’s episode will reveal whether Dev will change his decision or not!


Geet gradually begins to notice a change in Maan. He begins appreciating her coffee, allowing her to sleep in his bed, and offering help on an ongoing file she was working on.

Geet’s family attempts to have her marry Dev, but Geet declines the offer. Later, when overhearing bickering among Dev’s family and his, Geet goes meet him personally to ask that they don’t get engaged and marry her instead.

Maan continues to pursue Geet with great determination. Nandini and Teji attempt to interfere, but Geet finds ways of stopping them – feeding him in public on Karva Chauth makes him even more infatuated with her; Maan even apologizes to Geet for past transgressions to demonstrate how far he has come as a person.

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